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What We Do

Outback Safety delivers high quality yet practical work health and safety consulting services to businesses around the Northern Territory. Occupational health and safety does not have to break your budget or be “just another pile of documents”.

Proper implementation will not only ensure absence of incidents, fines and injuries, it will also boost morale of your staff and guarantee uninterrupted business.


  • Audit for compliance with WH&S Act and Regulations
  • Operational risk management audit – diagnosis of the current position to identify the most obvious risks
  • Innovative all inclusive legislative compliance audit that runs your business through all the Acts out there (more than 19 Acts) and ensures your total compliance
  • Audit for compliance with Australian Standard 4804 & 4801 and OHSAS18001/18002
  • All other types of audits: workshop and office audits, fleet management audits, risks and hazards audits, safety systems audits, process safety audits and any other audits you might need

Development of WH&S system

  • Plan, design, develop, review and audit your safety management system.
  • Your business may already have some elements of a safety system, Outback Safety will help you in transforming a pile of documents into streamlined framework

Preparation for certification

  • ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems
  • AS/NZS 4801:2001 Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems
  • ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System

Implementation of WH&S system

  • Ensure your best practice policies and procedures are actually used on the ground in the community by all workers
  • Implement strategy into day-to-day life of your business

Embedding of WH&S system

  • Ensure the business does not need a consultant and stands on their own feet for all safety requirements
  • Plan for the future with daily, weekly, monthly and annual actions

Risk management

  • Identify all your risks: plant equipment risks, working environment risks, maintenance risks, physical risks, psychological risks, remote working conditions risks and any other risks specific to your business
  • Develop and design practical Risk Management Programs (Identify, Assess, Control & Review):
  • Review of current risk assessment process & protocols within your operations, structure, existing safety system and training of workers.

Boosting safety culture

  • Conduct safety culture survey to identify how safety is perceived in your business
  • Facilitate safety workshops to discuss key issues
  • Collaboratively develop a plan to enhance your safety culture

Emergency and incidents management

  • Step-by-step all inclusive management through any of the incidents including urgent corrective actions, investigation of the incident and root course analysis, negotiations with the regulator to ensure most favourable outcome for your business and prevention of occurrence of this type of incidents in the future
  • Develop incident by incident calling card so your business always knows what to do even in case of the most obscure incident

Emergency and crisis planning

  • Pre-Crisis Risk Assessment and Analysis
  • Preparation of Management Systems and Teams
  • Crisis Communications Planning • Customised Training and Exercises
  • In-Crisis Support
  • Liaising with NT WorkSafe
  • Post-Crisis Recovery and Review

Executive WHS coaching

Development and management of safety systems for your contractors

  • Design and development or review of a contractor safety management program that demonstrates due diligence and gives your business a practical tool to systematically manage contractors

How we do it

We take great pride in what we do and we always aim to provide the best solution for the best price to our clients.

We embrace new technology, we do all the research for you and we are always working on perfecting our expertise to service you best.

You can always expect from us friendly and approachable rapport backed up by professionalism attained through years of learning and improvement.

What makes us great?

Combination of highest qualifications with practical life experience and understanding of how businesses operate makes us stand out.

We are not just driving the best results for you, we ensure the system is appropriate for your business. In other words, we don’t want to sell you for the sake of selling, we really want to make sure what you have is appropriate and right for your business.

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