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Safety Management System for SME

Operational Risk Management Register

Crisis Management Plan and Directory

Contractor Management Pack



Safety Management for SME in MS Excel (NT specific)

sms ntNot too sure if you should have safety management system in the cloud but like the easiness of pre-built systems?

Buy this fully adjustable and yet populated with all necessary formulas and diagrams MS Excel safety management system.



Operational Risk Management Register in MS Excel (NT specific)

risk register

Have all your risks identified and rated in this easy Excel document: all hard work has been done.

This is an Excel spreadsheet with Risks divided in the following categories:

  • Accommodation – Hotel – Motel
  • Amenities (Toilets, showers, drinking fountains)
  • Asbestos
  • Behaviour – Special Needs
  • Billeting
  • Bringing Staff Children In The Workplace
  • Camping
  • Chemical Management
  • Contractors
  • Electrical
  • Emergency Management
  • Excursions
  • Facilities
  • Fleet
  • Heat and First Aid
  • Incident Management
  • Infrastructure
  • International Travel
  • Legislation
  • Manual Handing
  • Mental Health
  • Office Work Space
  • Ovals and Grassed Play Areas
  • Plant and Equipment
  • Events
  • Staff Rooms and Kitchens
  • Traffic Management

To see more, click here for pdf version. Risk Register (NT specific)



Crisis management plan and directory (NT specific)


When an accident happens in reality, not many people know how to react.

That is why you need this simple yet effective 40 page document.

Anyone can quickly open the relevant page and find what they are required to do and who should be notified (with contact info included).

With this well-structured and comprehensive document you do not risk any fines as all your obligations on reporting are there in black and white.

 Divisions included in this crisis management plan

The plan has divisions for reporting all types of incidents in the Northern Territory:

Fatality. The occurrence of loss of life. (Red Category)

Fire or Explosion. The event of ignition or detonation of explosive goods. (Red Category)

Lost Time Injury (LTI). Any work-related injury/illness that results in a permanent disability or time lost from work of one day/shift or more. (Red Category)

Medically Treated Injury (MTI). Any work-related injury/illness that results in a person requiring medical treat from a qualified medical practitioner other than first aid, and with no time lost. (Red Category)

First Aid. Any work related injury/illness that results in assistance required from some-one who is not a medical practitioner.(Yellow Category)

Environmental – Significant. (Red Category)

Environmental – Minor. (Yellow Category)

Vehicle –Significant. (Red Category)

Vehicle – Minor. Any damage sustained to a vehicle that only requires superficial repairs only, whereas the vehicle remains in a road worthy condition (e.g. bumper damage, fender damage). Windscreen, vehicle lights (head/tail) and tyre damage will be recorded as minor. (Yellow Category)

Near Miss. Any unplanned occurrence at any place of work which, although not resulting in any injury or disease, harm to the environment or significant damage to assets, but has the potential to do so. (Yellow Category)





Contractor management pack (NT Specific)

ContractorsHave contractors but do not know how to manage them? According to Work Health & Safety (National Uniformed Legislation) (NT) Act (2011) and Work Health & Safety (National Uniformed Legislation) (NT) Regulations (2011), you are responsible for safety of the contractors, so you should provide safe system of work.

In order to comply with WHS legislation get this system with the following documents included:

  • Flowchart of the process
  • Contractor procedure in regards to 3 different types of contractors
  • List of approved contractors
  • Contractor engagement checklist
  • Contractor details form
  • Contractor induction form




Convert documents to flowcharts

Have a pile of documents that nobody reads or understands?

Drawing18Convert them to flowcharts. Easier to read, understand, explain and comprehend!

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