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Principles of Risk Management for schools ISO 31000:2009 Risk Management

Risk management (RM) is: a systematic process of threat identification, assessment and control which seeks to prevent or minimise the potential consequences to school activities without diminishing the curriculum’s intent.   Principle 1: Risk management creates and protects value. Risk management contributes to the demonstrable achievement of […]

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5 Steps to introducing risk management for the Northern Territory based business

Step 1- Communicate and Consult A consultative approach may: help establish the context appropriately; ensure that the interests of stakeholders are understood and considered; help ensure that risks are adequately identified; bring different areas of expertise together for analysing risks; ensure that different views are appropriately considered […]

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Why bother with operational risk management in the Northern Territory?

We are in the Territory, we do not need risk management? We love the danger, right? Here are some reasons and quotes why you might change your mind and help convince others: Increase risk awareness – What could affect the achievement of objectives? What could change? What […]

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